The Garden Beat

Writing and editing

I take on a wide range of writing and editing assignments for newspapers, magazines, websites and other clients. In addition to my writing for The Morton Arboretum, including a weekly column for the Chicago Tribune, I have written for Chicagoland Gardening, Organic Gardening, Country Gardens and other magazines, as well as the Chicago Tribune and other newspapers. I write a monthly blog for Hartley Botanic, a British and American producer of conservatories.

Here's a taste of of my work.

Newspaper articles

"Giving thanks for the pecan tree" (Chicago Tribune for The Morton Arboretum)

"How native are your native plants?" (Chicago Tribune)

"A tougher tulip" (Chicago Tribune)

"Warming up to pawpaw, a native tree with tropical relatives" (Chicago Tribune for The Morton Arboretum)

"Contaminated firewood may carry hidden threat to trees" (Chicago Tribune for The Morton Arboretum)

"Attract birds to your yard with an array of shrubs" (Chicago Tribune for The Morton Arboretum)

"Be good to all the bees" (Chicago Tribune for The Morton Arboretum)

"Dealing with the drought" (Chicago Tribune)

Magazine articles

"Harvest of Hope: The Cook County Sheriff's Boot Camp Garden" (Organic Gardening magazine)
"Plant TNT: Heritage Irises" (Organic Gardening magazine)

"Japanese Maples: Spectrum for the Seasons" (Organic Gardening magazine)

"Cabbage and Company" (Organic Gardening magazine)

"Dispatches from Weedpatch, USA" (Country Gardens magazine)

Blogs and content marketing

"Companion Plants From the Rain Forest" (blog for Hartley Botanic) 

"The Dirt on Soil" (Chicago Botanic Garden Smart Gardener)

"Snow, glorious snow" (blog for Hartley Botanic)

"The Color Red" (Chicago Botanic Garden Smart Gardener)

"How a prairie works, and how to capture a little bit of prairie in the garden" (blog for Hartley Botanic)

"Peppers" (Chicago Botanic Garden Smart Gardener)

"So long, cicadas. I'm glad I got to know you" (Chicago Gardener blog for the Chicago Tribune)